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Small optical keyboard, with sound-generator embedded

Posted 27/11/2023

Development in progress

  • 4 optical buttons, with velocity capacity (for four fingers, to play an Expreseur-score)
  • 3 buttons (to play a piano-pedal, arppegiate, move in the score )
  • 3 linear cursors to set the volume and the dynamic (or to mix the sound rendering )
  • 3 leds to display the velocity read by the optical buttons
  • a MIDI sound-expander embedded from serdashop
  • The box is 3D printed from STL files (and OpenScad design).
  • Teensy 4 is used, to control the hardware + USB/MIDI
  • USB/MIDI connection to Expresseur
  • audio jack output from the MIDI sound-expander
  • C code opensource for the teensy 4
  • Do It Yourself 

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