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Play any score, improvise over a chord-grid, invent new instruments.

Even if you are not a musician      more...

Play a score

Load a MusicXML score.
Expresseur compiles the notes of the score.
You interpret the rythm with your feeling, interacting with the other musicians/singers


Select a list of chords.
Play the Chords, the bass, the scales.
Always in tune !


Invent new instruments.
Connect any sensor.
Script new music logic.

Expresseur V3

Instrument assisted by computer

Expresseur is :

  • A musical instrument assisted by computer
  • Score and improvisation interface Linux/Mac/Pc
  • Freeware
  • Open source
  • MIDI connectivity
  • MusicXML score format
  • LUA script
  • API high-level Midi Linux/Mac/Pc
  • SF2
  • VSTi
  • ASIO



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Download softwareDownload software

Download software

Download the freeware, for PC, MAC.

Dowload the API to script your own invention

Download scoresDownload scores

Download scores

Download musicXml scores

To contribute : contact by email