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Expresseur and autism

Posted 15/3/2018

A musical experience around autism

Lys has autism. Twenty years. A very deep autism. She does not express herself with spoken language. Violence on herself is part of her existence.

Her mother, Anne, plays piano, with deep musicality. The musical moments "capture" Lys, leaving her in emotions.

I've proposed to see with Anne if it is possible to bring Lys into the world of music, playing her own music, with others musicians.


A first simple approach: listening. Anne at the piano and me at the baroque recorder. Lys listens the dialogue of this music, during long period. Rameau, Bach, Corelli, Pergolese. The varied sounds of soprano-alto-bass recorders. A rich contra-point by the piano enrichies the melody. Moments of pleasure, sharing, listening, creation, life ... Lys hears, listens, in a world that captivates her.


In parallel: a free improvised musical creation, by Lys herself.

A little electronic piano keyboard, her keyboard, like her mother's piano. A wireless headset that gives her space freedom and immersion in the sound generated by the Expresseur.

The chord list in the Expresseur is simple and alive : the next chord is requested by the action of a key, according to the feeling. The keys of the keyboard are adjusted by the Expresseur to be always in tune with the current chord.

Lys progresses. Sometimes for very short attempts, sometimes longer. Sometimes hesitant. Sometimes more .. dynamic.

Lys discovers in her ears, in her soul, that the action of her hands on this keyboard creates beauty, harmony. A smile appears on her face.

She feels with certainty the harmony between her gesture and what she hears in her headset. A new pleasure: to create beauty, music, with her hands, for her, for others, like her mother.

After several sessions, she accepts my intervention in her game, with a guitar. Refusal, acceptance, discovery. Exchange. A musical dialogue begins. Proposal and answer between her gesture on her keyboard, and my proposals on the guitar, in a simple harmony that is improvised, varied.


Moments of profoundly human musical exchange, in a soft and rich musical and human harmony. To create a flow between the gesture of everyone and the pleasure of creating music together.

Lys playingLys playing